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Canadian Snowbirds & Retirees flock to Mexico
For many years researchers have been writing about and studying Canadian seniors who winter in, or retire to, the southern United States. Recently, we became aware that there are substantial numbers of Canadian seniors choosing Mexico as a seasonal or permanent migration destination. To find out more about these individuals—how many, where they are located, and why they are attracted to this destination— Jim Bentein, a retired journalist living in Mexico, was invited to write an article for SHUP.
Warm Winter Holidays
"...One of the hottest destinations for Canadians looking for a sun fix is the strip of coastline running south of Cancun and a ferry ride away from Cozumel. Dubbed the Mayan Riviera by clever tour operators, this 130-km corridor of tropical vegetation, white beaches and upscale resorts is Mexico's fastest-growing vacation playground..."
Special Report - Cancun Real Estate
If you want the best Mexico can offer, than Cancun is the premier location in the country. Cancun is the destination of choice for millions of travelers each year, and has grown to the number one destination for international travelers in all of Latin America [1]. This is a reflection of the tremendous demand and growth since 1974 when Fonatur, Mexico’s tourism agency, targeted Cancun as a potential top tourism destinations. Since that time Cancun has outgrown all other areas to become the tourism capital of Mexico with a population of roughly 800,000, approximately 27,000 hotel rooms and billions of dollars of property.
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