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Owning a second home in Mexico

Cozumel Real EstateA second or vacation home in Mexico can be the perfect solution for your planned retirement later in time or for meeting the needs of people who find themselves visiting tropical paradise more and more often as the years go by.  

There has been more than one story about a tourist who visited Mexico with all it has to offer and never wanted to leave!

Mexico has made serious progress towards attracting not only the tourists who account for the second biggest part of the Mexican economy, but also in reforming the once restrictive laws that prevented foreigners from buying and owning the real estate, homes and properties that will keep them coming back.

That means that outside of restricted areas, foreigners can own full rights and title to any property, having the same rights as Mexican citizens. In restricted areas, a property title can be held in a bank trust, and a foreigner can own full ownership rights and control over that trust. This has led to the booming real estate markets all along the oceanside settlements towns throughout Mexico.  Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and many other resort locations are now permanent homes, or second homes for visitors who spend their winters in a comfortable tropical paradise instead of snow-covered and cold environment.


Relocating to Cozumel

Map of location of CozumelMore and more retirees are seriously considering retiring abroad to live in stunning Spanish colonial towns, resort destinations & beachfront dreamhomes with comfortable climates year round. Conditions are more favorable than ever for retirees and second home buyers. Fantastic weather, friendly & welcoming locals, substantial cost-of-living savings, affordable housekeeper help, low property taxes are a few reasons to consider adding value to your hard earned equity, while affording to live in paradise.

Whether you want a beachfront home or condominium, a villa downtown, a fractional ownership condo in a resort area, a knowledgeable Realtor can assist you to find the perfect retirement property to that matches your exact needs. Learn all you need to know to make Cozumel your perfect Retirement destination.

Thinking of buying now to retire later? Establish a solid relationshipwith a property management specialist and learn how you can structure your purchase so that you reduce payments in rental income tax.

Cozumel Insider Blog has everything you need to know about Retiring in Mexico, and it’s continually updated with tips from locals and experts and people who've just moved to where you're dreaming of. You can click here to visit Cedral Caribe Realtors or click here to contact Cedral Homes.


Designated as "One of the hottest destinations for Canadians looking for a sun fix is the strip of coastline running south of Cancun and a ferry ride away from Cozumel. Dubbed the Mayan Riviera by clever tour operators, this 130-km corridor of tropical vegetation, white beaches and upscale resorts is Mexico's fastest-growing vacation playground - and one of the reasons that the $8-billion tourism industry is now more profitable than the state-owned oil industry."  

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